Bob Studzinski has photographs exhibited at the McConnell Arts Center (through April 19) in Worthington and the Cultural Arts Center (through March 28) downtown. These exhibitions address Human Trafficking, a growing problem in central Ohio.  Also at both ZenCha Tea Salons (Short North and Gay Street) through April 19. 


Petrik Asks “What’s Possible?” story in Columbus Underground , click here to check it out.
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Fukushima Radiation Found in Sample of Green Tea from Japan by Harvey Wasserman  

Four years after the multiple explosions and melt-downs at Fukushima, it seems the scary stories have only just begun to surface. Now reports indicate radioactive fallout from Fukushima has been found in tea exported from Japan.... Read the whole story at 

Ohio Beyond Coal – Information on the AEP Bailout Decision and What Comes Next…. 

Here’s a new blog on the Ohio Sierra Club Beyond Coal website about the AEP decision and encouraging readers to RSVP on the facebook event page.  It's a great way informed on the bailouts.  Please, feel free to share!


Voices for Human Needs Blog 

CHN just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report, our regular newsletter on national policy issues affecting low-income and vulnerable populations. This special edition looks at the several different budget proposals released this week for Fiscal Year 2016 and beyond.  

Yesterday, the House Budget Committee released its FY 2016 budget proposal. There we just too many Head Smackers in it to narrow it down to one, so CHN’s Deborah Weinstein came up with eight. Below are slides that she put together highlighting the most Head Smacking parts of it.


From the Coalition on Human Needs - Complete Human Needs Report: (HTML) (PDF)

FY2016 Congressional Budget Proposals Highlight Differences in Priorities
Several budget proposals were released this week for Fiscal Year 2016 and beyond. The differences in them highlight the major ideological differences and partisan priorities, both amongst themselves and when compared with the President’s budget released last month. READ MORE »  

House Budget Committee Budget Resolution
The House Budget Committee, led by Chairman Tom Price (R-GA), released its budget on Tuesday. This proposal cuts overall spending by at least $5 trillion over 10 years, cutting $400 billion more in spending than the harmful budget passed by the House last year. READ MORE » 

Senate Budget Committee Budget Resolution
The Senate Budget Committee, chaired by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY), released its budget on Wednesday. It has many similarities to the House budget, mainly in that it would also slash funds for critical human needs programs and take resources away from low-income Americans. READ MORE »  

Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget Resolution
In stark contrast to the House and Senate Budget Committee budgets is the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) alternative budget resolution, which was released Wednesday. This budget blueprint reverses harmful cuts, ends inequitable spending through the tax code, and invests in job creation. READ MORE » 

Next Steps in the FY16 Budget Process
The Congressional Black Caucus and House Budget Committee Democrats, led by Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), are scheduled to release their respective budget blueprints next week. The House and Senate Budget Committee budgets are expected to be up for full floor votes next week after passing (along party lines) their respective committees this week. READ MORE »  

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