Harvey Wasserman | EcoWatch   Two vans and a big bus filled with truly great people—the new Climate Riders—on their way to New York City for the People’s Climate March pulled up to the First Watch for breakfast this morning in Columbus, Ohio.  Twenty-four hours on the road each way to march for a few hours against the corporations that are killing our planet.  “I hate the Koch Brothers,” one of them tells me over pancakes. “They are wrecking the Earth for all of us.”   READ THE REST AT:  http://ecowatch.com/2014/09/20/nyc-peoples-climate-march/



From the ACLU -  Information on Early Voting in Ohio:  

Thanks to the ACLU’s lawsuit against unfair voter restrictions, Ohioans will have the following opportunities to vote early:

Early voting lasts from September 30 through November 3.

·         Golden Week: Weekdays starting September 30 and running through October 6, you can register and vote in-person on the same day. Boards of election are open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. these days, except October 6, where boards will be open until 9 p.m.

·         Weekend voting: Two weekends are available: October 25-26 and November 1-2. Boards of election will be open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturdays and 1-5 p.m. on Sundays. Early voting will also be available from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. on Monday, November 3.

·         Evening voting: On weekdays from October 20-31, there will be evening hours for early in-person voting. Boards of election will be open from 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

Counties may offer additional early in-person voting hours.

For more information, go to our Vote Center.

Want to let others know? Order our new early voting cards for free by emailing contact@acluohio.org or call (216) 472-2200.


From the Coalition on Human Needs - The Human Needs Report, September 15, 2014 
Complete Human Needs Report:

Stopgap Spending Bill Edges Closer to Deadline
The House is expected to leave town at the end of the week to hit the campaign trail and won’t be returning until after the November elections. By waiting until this week to vote, they are in essence forcing the Senate to approve whatever the House passes or risk a government shutdown, an option that is not likely to happen. MORE »

President Delays Action on Relief for Immigrants; The Administration’s Request for Money for Children on the Border Goes Unheeded
Advocates continue to press for bold action by the Administration that will remove the threat of deportation for millions of immigrants, many of whom have been in the United States for many years working hard to provide for their families. MORE »

Republicans Reject Pay Fairness for Women
The Paycheck Fairness Act is one element of the Senate Democrats’ 2014 “A Fair Shot for Everyone” agenda. Other legislation on the agenda includes raising the minimum wage to $10.10, and reforming the student loan system. MORE »

Bipartisan Agreement for Long-Awaited Child Care Bill
A bipartisan group of senators and representatives announced their agreement on legislation to reauthorize the federal low-income child care program on September 12. The new legislation is the first time the rules governing the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) have been reauthorized since 1996; this updating would cover the next six years. MORE »

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The Franklin County Consortium for Good Government, a coalition of non-partisan organizations in Central Ohio, is again organizing "Meet the Candidates" Forums in Franklin County and nearby communities.   At a "Meet the Candidates" Forum, members of the public can meet and question the candidates who are running for public offices.  The Consortium invites all candidates who are running in a contested race to at least one of the candidates’ forums.  We may also invite proponents and opponents of issues to the forums depending on decisions by the governing board of the Consortium.  Check out their website to find a forum convenient you!  http://www.franklincountyconsortium.com/Default.aspx


Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  Listen Live to Fight Back with Dr. Bob Fitrakis.  Legendary citizen advocate and political agitator Bob Fitrakis revives his public affairs talk radio program Fight Back!  online, broadcasting live at http://talktainmentradio.com/shows/fightback.html  or listen to feature podcasts.  Show host, Bob Fitrakis is a political commentator, national columnist, investigative journalist and published author.  Holding a PhD in political science from Wayne State University and a J.D. from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Fitrakis is the executive director of the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism and editor of the Columbus Free Press.  Join the online radio conversation:  Call 1(877)932-9766 or E-Mail the show host.   


Do you need a speaker or program for your group?  Please contact the Move to Amend-Central Ohio Speakers Bureau!    Move to Amend Central Ohio is an organization that seeks to amend the U.S. Constitution to reverse the effects of the Supreme Court decision “Citizens United” vs. the Federal Elections Commission.  That decision gives corporations the same rights as people and allows corporations to make unlimited contributions to political candidates and to elected officials as protected speech.  Move to Amend believes that corporations are not people and money is not protected speech.  If your group is interested in learning more about how this Supreme Court decision directly impacts you and your community, the background that led to this decision, and how you can be involved in the national and local movements seeking to reverse it, please contact Sandy Bolzenius at Sbolzenius72@hotmail.com.  Move to Amend – Central Ohio is an affiliate of the national Move to Amend Organization https://movetoamend.org/