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Take Action to Support the Nuclear Ban Treaty! Honduras has become the 50th country to ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This means that the treaty has reached the number needed to go into effect. This will start on January 2022 according to the United Nations. 122 countries out of the 193-member UN General Assembly have expressed support and 84 have signed the treaty. Write your representatives and tell them to support this effort! According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres this development, “represents a meaningful commitment towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons.” But this is only the beginning. Countries with nuclear weapons, including the United States, Russia, and China, have shown opposition to the treaty which aims to destroy all nuclear weapons and ban new ones. The countries that possess nuclear weapons, the US, Russia, the UK, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel have not signed the treaty. Changing perspectives in nuclear countries is incredibly important in the movement for nuclear disarmament. Citizens and residents of nuclear powers need to use their voices to support the elimination of these dangerous weapons. Tell your representatives that you want them to push for the United States to join the treaty! 


Events and Meetings:  

Monday, June 14, 2021 08:00 PM.  Ohio Poor People’s Movement Central Regional Meeting.  Register here


Monday, June 14, 2021, 12:00 PM.  Video Premier: “I Love My Immigrant Family.”  A celebration of immigrants, led by children of immigrants on Children’s Day and June is Immigrant Heritage Month. What will it take to ensure all children can thrive?  Hosted by Paola Ramos, the video premier will feature commentary, performances, and artwork from: Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA), Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Journalist Maria Hinojosa, Entrepreneur Mapate Diop, Multi-disciplinary artist and activist Alixa Garcia, Soccer coach and mentor Mutanda Kwesele, Vocalist and organizer Nina Marie Fernando, DACA recipient Daishi Miguel Tanaka, Tina, an Ohio mother who was deported to Morocco, and Mississippi youth whose parents need a path to citizenship.   As immigrants or children of immigrants, these speakers’ families hail from Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, India, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Zambia. You won’t want to miss it. Join us right here on this page to stream the premiere. You can also catch us on Facebook


Monday, June 14, 2021, 9:30 PM.  Forum on the Middle East.  Palestine/Israel:  The Bombing is Over, The Occupation Continues.  SPEAKERS:  Alia Taqieddin (Palestinian Feminist Collective) – "Palestine as a Feminist Issue", Steve Niva (Faculty in Political Science, The Evergreen State College) – "The Nature, Extent, and Ultimate Reasons Behind the U.S.-Israeli Relationship and How to Challenge It". Moderated by Peter Bohmer (Faculty, The Evergreen State College & Economics for Everyone).  Presented by The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice & Economics for EveryoneRegister here


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 11:00 AM. Gaza Reconstruction: More than a Humanitarian Project.  Following Israel’s 11-day bombardment of the Gaza Strip this past month, the besieged coastal enclave is once again staring down a long road to reconstruction. It does so even as the territory remains under Israeli blockade, the people living there are facing urgent humanitarian needs, and there continues to be no existing or emerging political/diplomatic path to change the underlying status quo - a status quo that contains in it the seeds for the next round of violence and destruction. As the world begins to mobilize and formulate plans to aid Gazans in need of basic necessities (food, clean water, medical treatment, homes, and jobs), the world is also considering a funding mechanism to assist in the clean up and reconstruction of entire neighborhoods and infrastructure. Join the Foundation for Middle East Peace and our panel of experts to discuss what Gaza truly needs, and how the political agendas of international donors and Israeli restrictions have, in the past, sabotaged efforts not only to restore, but also to meaningfully improve, life in the Gaza Strip.  Register here


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 11:00 AM.  KUMI Now:  Tourism and Pilgrimage. For the northern hemisphere, students and families around the world are beginning their summer vacations. While in the southern hemisphere students may be looking forward to a winter break. Many people take these times to travel: to visit family, as tourists, or as pilgrims. Whether or not you are spending your own travel money to go on holiday or pilgrimage in Israel and Palestine, you can, as part of the Kumi Community, help have an impact. Our guests will be George Rishmawi of Siraj Center and Abraham Path. Zoom Meeting: (There's no registration page, so please set an alarm for yourself and use this link on Tuesday.) Full information on the gathering is here.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 12:00 PM. Bringing the Fight Against Graft: Why U.S. Anti-Corruption Policy Has Entered a New Era, and Where We Go From HerePlease join the Center for American Progress on June 15 for a discussion of U.S. global anti-corruption efforts featuring Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), one of the leading figures in U.S. anti-corruption policy and a longtime champion of good governance and transparency reforms. Sen. Cardin will join Center for American Progress Executive Vice President Mara Rudman in conversation to discuss recent developments in U.S. anti-corruption policy and the challenges ahead. Their conversation will be followed by a panel of anti-corruption experts moderated by Trevor Sutton, a CAP senior fellow and author of a recent report, “Turning the Tide on Dirty Money,” which offered comprehensive guidelines for how the world’s leading democracies can address the growing problem of kleptocracy and illicit finance.  More information and registration here.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 12:00 PM. Palestinian Narrative: Censorship and Creativity in Time of Crisis.  Over the past few weeks, Palestinian activists have taken to the streets and social media to protest Israeli attacks on Palestinians both online and offline. During this time, a campaign of censorship from the Israeli government on social media platforms has been implemented, with hundreds of posts and accounts being taken down without clear explanations or violations. As a result, Palestinians have found new and innovative ways to share information and content across social media, in order to avoid possible censorship. The webinar will focus on successful aspects of digital activism in recent weeks, and analyze how governments and social media companies have worked to censor this creative resistance; in particular, the impact of Israel and technology companies on Palestinian freedom of expression and the role of digital activists and influencers during this period.  Register here


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 7:00 PM. Launching 'Gaza Kitchen' 3rd edition with Laila and Maggie!  Maggie Schmitt and Laila El-Haddad's 'Gaza Kitchen cookbook is back in a new, expanded 3rd edition, with an all-new Authors' Introduction, new recipes, new photos, and info from Laila's late-2019 visit back to Gaza. Join us for the June 15 launch in which the authors will review what's happened in Gaza and what's happened in Palestinian cuisine since their ground-breaking First Edition came out in 2012. Cuisine is heritage-- and also resilience. Hear Laila and Maggie speak about the book that put Palestinian cuisine on the map!  Register here


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 8:00 PM.  Advocacy after the Ceasefire.  Please join #nowaytotreatachild campaign co-leaders from Defense for Children International - Palestine and American Friends Service Committee for a webinar.  We will focus on the public response to Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip in May. Now that a ceasefire has been reached, we will discuss what's next for our movement's advocacy goals and how you can support by advocating for Palestinian children and families. We'll also share updates on H.R. 2590 and U.S. arms sales to Israel.  Register here


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 12:00 - 1:00 PM.  The City Club of Cleveland.  No More “Snake on the Lake.”  The Future of Redistricting in Ohio.  In May, the U.S. Census Bureau announced population statistics following the completion of the 2020 census. Ohio, for the sixth consecutive time, will lose a seat in the House of Representatives, bringing the number of representatives from 16 to 15. While Ohio actually gained population since the 2010 census, other areas of the country – especially in the Sun Belt and the west – grew faster. The timing of this loss is problematic as the state embarks on a new system of drawing its congressional maps, which are considered among the most gerrymandered in the nation.  Registration for the livestream event and more information here


Tuesday, June 15 - Friday, June 17, 2021.  2021 Peace Action Virtual Lobby Days Extravaganza.  Join the Peace Action network June 15-17 for our 2021 VLD Extravaganza — a conference consisting of briefings on key peace issues from nuclear disarmament to cutting Pentagon bloat to ending endless wars, along with direct advocacy trainings. Agenda below. Register now! After the meeting, we'll push to get one step closer to a sane foreign policy through advocacy meetings with Members of Congress!  If you are able, we ask you consider a $20 donation to help fund this work:  Notes: If you are interested in participating in a lobby visit(s) with your Senators and Representatives alongside Peace Action staff or other leaders, we are requiring attendance of our Lobby Visit 101 training.  Keynote Address: Congressman Mark Pocan, U.S. House of Representatives, WI-02.  Detailed agenda and registration here.  going it alone! 


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 8:00 - 9:00 PM.  Winning and Losing in 1-Click America.  Confronting the Challenge of Amazon.  Join Our Revolution for a presentation and discussion with award-winning journalist Alec MacGillis, author of the acclaimed book, “Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America.” Published in March 2021, Fulfillment is about Amazon’s impact on the wealth and poverty of towns and cities across the United States. The ensuing discussion also will touch on how people can take part in this fight of our lifetime. The presentation will include perspectives from Arlene Martinez, Communications Director, Good Jobs First; Peter Olney, former organizing director for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union; and Ira Pollock, an Amazon worker and member of Amazonians United.  Register here


Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 7:00 PM.  Criminal (In) Justice: A look at the results of a flawed system.  Join the Ohio Council of Churches for a panel discussion on the current criminal justice reform measures before the Ohio legislature, abolition of Ohio's death penalty and bail reform.  Panelists include Hannah Kubbins, Executive Director Ohioans to Stop Executions and Claire Chevrier, Policy Counsel ACLU of Ohio.  Register here.  


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 3:00 PM.  It's Past Time to Repeal Ohio's HB 6 Coal Bailout.  Please join Ohio Citizen Action for the next installment in a series of Conversations with Rachael Belz, OCA Executive Director with special guest Neil Waggoner, Sr. Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club. Our ongoing fight for renewable energy and government accountability in the face of Ohio's HB 6 scandal has reached a new phase. That law, at the center of Ohio's largest racketeering and bribery scheme ever, forced taxpayers to bail out FirstEnergy’s nuclear plants and two Eisenhower-era Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) coal plants (one of which is in Indiana!). The nuclear bailout portion of HB 6 was just repealed, but the coal bailouts continue to roll in -- and Ohio's ratepayers and environment continue to foot the large bill. Join Rachael and Neil to talk about why it’s time to retire these dirty coal plants and protect the health of every Ohioan.  Register here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 7:00 PM. The Politics of Israel-Palestine in the US: The Israel Lobby and the Growing Movement for a New US Policy Toward the Palestinians.  Philip Weiss is the founder and a frequent contributor to the influential web site Mondoweiss, which has become a go-to source worldwide for news, analysis and opinion about the Middle East and especially the struggle for justice in Palestine-Israel. Now, more than ever, with Palestinians facing Israeli violence in Occupied Jerusalem and under Israeli bombing in Gaza, progressives are pushing for a new US policy that upholds Palestinian rights rather than continue a one-sided tilt toward Israel. Understanding the political terrain in the US and the still massive influence of Israel Lobby organizations and funding – which underpins US funding for the Israeli military to the tune of almost $4 billion a year and provides diplomatic cover for Israeli occupation -- are crucial for achieving the change we need. Phil and MAPA Board member Jeff Klein will have a conversation on how to move ahead and what obstacles we face politically at home.  Register here.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 2:00 PM.  Nicaraguan Women:  Transforming Live, Protecting the Land.  Join us to find out about the long struggle of the women of the Gloria Quintanilla Co-operative whose organizing has transformed the lives of their whole community through their commitment to food sovereignty, agroecology, gender equality and land rights.  Based in the rural community of Santa Julia south of Managua, the co-operative was set up in 2008 and now has twenty members. They grow bananas, beans, dragon fruit, tomatoes, lemons, coffee and bamboo in an area very vulnerable to the climate crisis.  More information and registration here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 2:00 - 3:00 PM.  Sign Up with Eyewitness Palestine on any of these for a tour of SilwanThe Israeli Authorities just ordered 1,500 Palestinians in Silwan to demolish their own homes within 21 days or pay the demolition fees.  Participants in this Virtual Delegation will see the ways in which Palestinians in Silwan, East Jerusalem, specifically in the neighborhoods of Wadi Hilweh and Batn al Hawa, are resisting Israeli occupation and displacement. In Silwan, Israel and its tourist and archeology industries claim that bible stories and historic Jewish geographies are linked to the modern Israeli state. This controversial reading of archeology and history supports the illusion that Jerusalem has an exclusively Jewish history and that therefore only Jews are entitled to the city.  Cost: $25.00.  Registration and more information here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 3:00 PM.  The Importance and History of the Underground Railroad.  Please join us as explore the significance of the underground railroad.  An educational program presented by Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr. D. Min., Executive Director, The Ohio Council of Churches.  Via Zoom Webinar or Facebook LiveRegister here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 4:00 PM.  Izembek: World-Class Wilderness or Highway? For nearly three decades, the State of Alaska and its congressional representatives have been trying to build a road through the irreplaceable Izembek Wilderness. Will they succeed?  Panelists Fran Mauer (retired wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska and WW Alaska Chapter leader) and Dana Johnson (Wilderness Watch staff attorney) will discuss the decades-long fight to protect the Izembek Wilderness, one of the most wildlife-rich, but largely unknown, places on the planet. Learn more about this incredible place and its wildlife, the history around efforts to save it, and why we can't let our guard down with a new administration in office.  Register here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 5:00 - 6:15 PM.  Global Solidarity in 2021: Can it meet today's crises of climate change, pandemic and massive migration? Presenter: Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA.

Register free here.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 1:00 PM.  Dismantling Myths on Israel-Palestine.  A joint event sponsored by GW's Institute for Middle East Studies and the Middle East Research & Information Project (MERIP).  In the US, both media and popular narratives on the conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories of Palestine are shifting. Information about the nature of Israeli domestic politics, life under occupation for Palestinians, and the tactics employed by the Israeli military is visible in the US mainstream in a way it was not just a few years ago. Join us for a discussion of some of the most lasting misconceptions around this conflict, where experts will help us contextualize and understand why these myths have endured so long.  Register here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 12:30 PM. “Equal Citizenship and Due Representation”: The Drive for Political Access by Israel’s Arab CommunityIn Israel’s 1948 Declaration of Independence, the country’s founders promised Arab citizens “full and equal citizenship and due representation in all institutions.” Seventy-three years later, however, no independent party representing the interests of the Arab community has been part of an Israeli coalition government. Until this coming Sunday!  Our panelists – veteran journalist, Jack Khoury, and political scientist, Dr. Anwar Mhajne – will shed light on the major political changes that Israel’s Arab community is undergoing, culminating in the groundbreaking participation of the United Arab List in the “Change Government” to replace Netanyahu. The discussion, part of our “Conversations with Israel & Palestine” series, will be moderated by Thair Abu Ras, fellow at the Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies. A Q&A session will follow. Please join us for this very timely event!  Register here


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 7:00 PM.  AFSC Webinar:  The Power of Economic Activism.  Mass incarceration, war and occupation, border security, police militarization, and mass surveillance are systems of state violence and oppression. But for many large corporations, they’re simply profitable markets with almost endless growth opportunities.  Today, AFSC’s Economic Activism program investigates the ways in which corporations get deeply entangled in policing and mass surveillance, border walls and mass incarceration, war, and occupation. We offer strategic research for action and unique tools for corporate engagement and investment screening, tailored to the needs of activists and investors seeking change.  Join AFSC and partners on June 16 to learn how communities around the world have used the power of economic activism to hold corporations to account and achieve social change. Register for our webinar today.  Speakers include Jacinta González, Mijente’s Senior Campaign Organizer, who will give us insight into the No Tech for ICE campaign, and Morgan Simon of the Candide Group, who will discuss how a grassroots coalition succeeded in getting the largest banks in the U.S. to announce they would stop giving credit and loans to private prison companies.  Register here


Thursday, June 17, 2021, 7:00 - 8:00 PM.  Central Ohio Move to Amend Speaking of Democracy...Rank the VoteJustin Wells will present the background for a change in Ohio's voting system, describe the Rank the Vote system, and take questions about what's next for Rank the Vote Ohio. There will be time for Q&A. Register here


Thursday, June 17, 2021, 1:30 PM.  Rabet's Documentary Premiere: One People, Segregated IDs. Join Rabet for the premiere of our latest documentary, "One People, Segregated IDs".  Learn more about how Israel's apartheid policies, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, segregate Palestinians based on their ethno-national identity, issuing different types of IDs for Palestinians depending on their location, each with varying freedoms and rights. The event will include a panel discussion as well as a live stream of the documentary, followed by a Q&A session on the ways in which the tiered ID system segregates Palestinians and impacts their basic human rights. More information and registration here


Thursday, June 17, 2021, 7:00 PM.  Join Us: Free screening of ENTANGLED and discussion with the film’s directorYou’re invited to join Defenders for a free movie screening about the crisis facing North Atlantic right whales, one of the world’s most endangered whales! ENTANGLED is an award-winning film about how climate change has accelerated a conflict between endangered right whales, North America’s most valuable fishery, and the federal agency mandated to protect both. With deadly threats like ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear jeopardizing the survival of this species, the race is on to protect these whales from extinction. For many years, Defenders has played a central role in litigation and advocacy to protect the right whale from these threats.  More information and registration here

Thursday, June 17, 2021, 8:00 PM.  Specter of Colonial Violence during Military Escalations & Its Impact on Health in Israel/Palestine.  Please join the JVP Health Advisory Council for an analysis of the history of settler colonialism in historic Palestine with particular attention to the latest assaults and the implications for health care, public health, and the pandemic. We look forward to having you join us for this important conversation. Please invite friends and colleagues. Alice Rothchild MD: Alice Rothchild MD is a retired ob-gyn, author, and activist who has focused her interest in social justice on Israel/Palestine for over 20 years.  She has written three books and contributed to a number of anthologies on the topic and directed a documentary film. She is active in JVP Health Advisory Council and on the board of We Are Not Numbers and the Gaza Mental Health Foundation. Osama Tanous MD: Osama Tanous MD is a specialized pediatrician based in Haifa and a clinical instructor in the Rappaport faculty of medicine in the Technion. He is currently pursuing his Master of Public Health in Tel Aviv University and is a researcher for the Galilee Society – The Arab National Society for Health Research and Services. Tanous is a 2020 Fulbright Hubert H. Humphrey fellow in public health and health policies in Emory University. His research interests include structural violence and health disparities.  Register here


Thursday, June 17, 2021, 7:00 PM.  China and the New Cold War.  Join Danny Haiphong and Ben Norton for a discussion on China, US relations with China, and the demonizing framing of China as a rival to American hegemony.  The US is currently engaged in a program to modernize its entire nuclear arsenal. US citizens are told that Russia & China are doing the same. The US foreign policy establishment, through their implementation of the "Great-power competition" doctrine, manifestly situate China to replace the "Global War on Terror" as the next big threat to US national security. Join this discussion to better understand the motives behind US fear-mongering rhetoric towards China and analyze the reality of conditions on the ground.  More information and registration here


Thursday, June 17, 2021, 6:00 PM.  The 8TH: A Community Conversation.  THE 8TH tells the story of the Irish people's fight to overturn one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the world.  NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and Planned Advocates of Ohio are thrilled to present a community conversation about the fight for abortion access abroad and in the U.S., and how we push our movement forward. We will be joined by two of the activists featured in the film, Ailbhe Smyth and Andrea Horan, plus one of the film's directors and producers, Aideen Kane.  The link to stream THE 8TH in advance of this conversation will be provided upon registration, and the stream will be active from June 10th, 2021 until June 17th, 2021.  Register here


Thursday, June 17, and 24, 2021, 1:00 PM. Reparations: Remembering, Repairing, and Re-imagining Webinar Series.   United Methodist Church and Society.  Session 2. Repairing: Panel discussion on examples of reparations in the United States (Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Evanston, Illinois). What can we learn from these examples of reparations? Session 3.  Re-imagining:  As people of faith, what is the case for reparations from a theological/biblical perspective? And how can we prophetically live into that calling now and guarantee it for the future? You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.  Register here.


Friday, June 18, 2021, 4:00 - 5:00 PM.  Honk and Wave for Our Revolution. Join us at the pedestrian bridge overlooking route 315 (near Whetstone Park) as we wave to the folks on their way home for the weekend. bring signs and a smile and a wave!  Location:  4261 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43214.  Facebook.


Friday, June 18, 2021, 5:00 - 5:30 PM.  GrassRoot Ohio With Carolyn Harding.  Our mission is to profile every-day people working on important issues and to connect them with other folks who want to help. Conversations with every-day people, working on important issues here in Columbus and all around Ohio Justice: environmental, social, racial, economic, w/ folks on the front lines. LISTEN TO 94.1 FM and stream US online at  You can find all GrassRoot Ohio podcasts/shows on Soundcloud: Apple Podcasts: and YouTube:


Saturday, June 19, 2021, 1:00 - 6:00 PM.  Juneteenth Jubilee.  We are excited to host the Juneteenth Jubilee this Summer! 2021 is the first year that Juneteenth will be a recognized holiday in Ohio. To mark the occasion, we are hosting an exquisite festival to celebrate Black culture, accomplishments, and joy.

Come out and experience amazing food, local vendors, music, performances, and more.  Want to participate in the Juneteenth Jubilee? Interested in being a sponsor or partner? Email us at  Location:  Goodale Park, Columbus.  Facebook


Saturday, June 19, 2021, 5:30 PM.  Dr Eric Dozier - Juneteenth Presentation Workshop.  An opportunity to learn about and discuss the historical and contemporary significance of this important event in our history.  Register here


Saturday, June 19, 2021, 12:00 - 1:00 PM.  Occupy for Our Revolution.  Join Our Revolution each Saturday at the intersection of North Broadway and High Street to demonstrate for peace and justice. Bring a mask and a sign or two in solidarity.  Facebook


Sunday, June 20, 2021, 2:00 PM.  GrassRoot Ohio With Carolyn Harding.  Our mission is to profile every-day people working on important issues and to connect them with other folks who want to help. Conversations with every-day people, working on important issues here in Columbus and all around Ohio. Justice: environmental, social, racial, economic, w/ folks on the front lines. LISTEN TO 94.1 FM and stream US online at  You can find all GrassRoot Ohio podcasts/shows on Soundcloud: Apple Podcasts: and YouTube: